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History of the firm
SC AVI-GIIS S.R.L., was established in 1991 with the main activity slaughtering, cutting and preparation of meat.

Following the continuous development and following the investments made since 2005 S.C. AVI-GIIS S.R.L. abandoned slaughtering, focusing on the production of meat products, traditional products, and the production of products that cover all the spectrum of the Fast Food range.

Even after 20 years of activity, AVI-GIIS specialists continuously improve its product recipe, accredited and certified in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000.

The activity of AVI-GIIS is governed by the principle of modern marketing, which states that the product, defined as a set of elements that trigger the demand, must meet the requirements of consumers.

Exchanges that take place on the market require great flexibility in the production process. Our company’s modern equipments and equipment allow rapid adaptation to market demands.

All this has been achieved through an appropriate policy in the specialized human field, investments in high performance machines, the policy established to cope with the increasing competitive environment and the main focus was directed towards CONSUMERS.

From the oldest recipes and with the latest technology we have succeeded in imposing on a market dominated by renowned brands MARK and PRODUCTS that guarantee QUALITY.


Aurel Simion